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Welcome to JYC driving school. I'm Shimizu, a driving instructor. 

I have 18 years experience in teaching as an instructor and examiner at a driving school approved by Kyoto prefectural public safety commission.

For 10 years out of those 18 years I was in charge of English training course. I supported more than 200 foreign students to get their Japanese license.

I'm calm and patient. I always try my best to teach driving so my students understand easily.


Don't hesitate to contact us. Take one step toward your new life.



TOYOTA corolla sedan. Compact common sedan. Easy to maneuver.  Modified for driving school.

Our training car is equipped with; 

- a dual brake so that instructor can help maintain control of the car. 

- dual side view mirrors and double rear view mirrors so that instructor can grasp the traffic situation all the time. 

- learner's permit sign holders on its front and back. The signs are put into the holders if needed.

- ETC device for highway driving.

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