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Driving Lesson (Paper driver lesson / Driver's rehub)

Driving lessons for those who already have a Japanese drivier's license but worried about driving in Japan.
Basic skill, advanced skill including parking and highway lessons.

We recommend this service for those:

1. Who don't have confidence in driving in Japan.
2. Who have long experience of driving outside of Japan but are not used to driving in Japan.
3. Who need to practice parking.
4. Who need to practice driving on narrow roads in a residential area.
5. Who need to practice on a highway.
6. Who need to keep their driving skill.
7. Who are pointed out their way of driving by their family or friends.

Driver’s license or permit this service requires:

Valid Japanese driver’s license for regular sizes vehicles or valid international driving permit for regular sized vehicles

Contents of lesson

・Basic skill (turning/ braking)
・Flowing traffic
・Space management
・Changing lanes
・Turning at intersection
・Railroad crossing
・Residential area (narrow road)
・Parking in parking lot
・Hazard anticipation & Defensive driving
・Highway driving (merging/ changing lanes/ ETC toll gates)
・Engine braking on down hill
・City driving / Advanced driving (in busy traffic)

Training plan is arrangeable depending on a person.


Practice location

Public road around Uji, Kyoto prefecture
Around center of Kyoto city (Advanced driving lessons)


50minutes x 2                       ¥20,000 (tax inclusive)
50minutes x 3                       ¥29,400 (tax inclusive)
50minutes x 4                       ¥38,400 (tax inclusive)
50minutes x 5                       ¥47,500 (tax inclusive)

10-minute break is needed per 50 minutes 

Highway                                   ¥3,000 (tax inclusive) / lesson   

Application steps

1. Send an email to JYC driving school.
Let us know the followings.
●Driver’s license you have
●Preferred lesson and number of the lessons

2. Arrange the lesson day and time

3. License check
Attach the picture of your license or permit to an email.
We need to check if your license or permit is valid in Japan. You may cover your address if you would like to. Refer a sample picture.

4. Make the payment
Click here to check the payment method.

5. Confirmation
We will send a confirmation of the lesson detail after the payment is completed.

6. Day of the lesson

Flowchart of a lesson day

●Valid Japanese driver’s license or international driving permit for a regular sized vehicle
(Must be an original one /No copy is acceptable)

●Glasses or contact lenses (If conditions are added to your license or permit.)

●Only light sunglasses are allowed if you need to wear them.
●Suitable footwear for driving (Refer sample pictures)

1. Meet up at Okubo station of Kintetsu line.
(Location varies depending on the content of your lesson.)


2. Doublecheck your license or permit.
     (everytime prior to your lesson)

Sign agreement form of the lesson
(First time only)

Click here to see an agreement form sample

3. Lesson begins
10-minute break is needed every 50 minutes

4. Lesson ends at Okubo station
Location varies depending on the content of your lesson.

Frequently asked questions

Q,  How many lessons do I need to get used to Japanese road?

A.  It depends on a person’s driving experience and skill. Generally, it takes about 6 lessons to get used to Japanese traffic environment even if you have experience of driving outside of Japan.
We recommend taking 2 lessons (100 minutes) first, then adding extra lessons accordingly.

Q,   I haven’t driven a car for 20 years. I’m worried about driving on a public road.
Is it possible to have some lessons in a practice place?

A.  Basically, we start lessons on a public road with light traffic. However, if you would like to practice driving in a safer place, it’s possible to practice in a practice circuit in Nara. 
Click here for the lessons in Nara practice circuit. Available minimum 3-hour lessons

Q,  Is it possible to take my driving lesson if I forget my driver’s license for the lesson? My license is still valid.

A.  You cannot take a driver’s lessons without carrying valid license or permit. By Japanese law, you must carry a valid license or permit if you drive on a public road. It must be an original one. Copy is not allowed. If you forget your license or permit on the day of the lesson, cancellation fee will be charged. In case of practice in a practice circuit, license or permit is not necessary.

Q,  Can I practice driving with a manual transmission car?

A.  A manual car is not available with this service. Only an automatic transmission car is available.

Q,  Can I practice driving with a manual transmission car?

A.  It’s not possible. We use our training car equipped with a dual brake pedal and mirrors.

Q,  Is it possible to practice only on a highway?

A.  Our instructor needs to check your driving skill level for safety before taking a highway lesson. You can take the highway lesson only if our instructor judges that you have minimum driving skill to practice on a highway.

Q,  I’m scared of car accident because I’m not used to driving. What will happen if I have a car accident during the lesson? 

A.  Our training car is equipped with a buck up cam and dual brake, dual mirrors so you can take our lessons safely. In addition, our instructors are well trained and well experienced to control the steering wheel from the passenger's seat if needed.
If you should have or be involved in an accident during the lessons, the car insurance that we have covers damages for injuries and property damage to others.

Q,  I would like to cancel my driving lesson. Let me know the cancellation policy. 

A.  Please refer here about our cancellation policy.

Q,  What happens if I late for the lesson?

A.  You can take the lesson even if you are late for the lesson. However, the lesson will end on time as scheduled. We don’t push the lesson time back. In case of that, there’s no refund since JYC instructor waits for you coming using his/ her time. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are likely to be late for the lesson.

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