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Gaimen Kirikae lessons in Osaka
(Converting foreign driver’s license to Japanese license)

Driving lessons for the test converting valid foreign license to Japanese license.

We provide driving lessons for the test to convert your foreign driver’s license to Japanese one at a license center test circuit in Kadoma, Osaka. You can practice driving for the test in the driving circuit in Osaka used for the actual Gaimen Kirikae test. 
There are some conditions stipulated by Kadoma license center.

A person who is age of 18 or over is allowed to practice in the test circuit.
Only 100 minutes (50 minutes × 2) a day is allowed to use the circuit


We provide driving lessons in an actual test circuit in Kadoma driver’s license test center. Maximum 100 minutes a day
The test circuit is open only Saturdays. Some Saturdays are not available. It depends on the license center’s schedule. 
Note: Booking starts one month before and slots tend to be booked fully immediately. We recommend you decide the date of the lessons well in advance. 


There are two types of driver’s license for regular sized vehicles in Japan. One is for manual transmission vehicles and automatic transmission cars. The other is for automatic transmission cars only.

You can convert valid foreign driver’s license to either “both manual and automatic” or “automatic only”.

If you would like to convert your license to one with “both manual and automatic” you need to practice and pass the test with a manual car.

If you pass the test with an automatic car and obtain the “automatic only” license, you are not permitted to drive a manual car on the public road.


If you would like to convert your license to “both manual and automatic”, we provide lessons only in the practice circuit in Nara.


Click here if you would like to practice driving in a actual test circuit in Nara .

Lessons are also provided on the public road in Kyoto if you have a valid international driving permit.

Driver’s license or permit this service requires:

Valid foreign driver’s license for regular sizes vehicles or valid international driving permit for regular sized vehicles

Application steps for Gaimen Kirikae


1.  Document check

2.  Interview

3.    Written test (10 questions)

4.    Driving test (in a test circuit at a license test center)

5.    Obtain a Japanese driver’s license

Steps from 1 to 3 above vary depending on your country. For further information, please ask the license center in a prefecture you live.
JYC driving school supports step 4.


Contents of lesson for Gaimen Kirikae in Osaka

・In-car lesson. Practice the actual Gaimen Kirikae test route.
・Procedure from getting in a vehicle until pulling out.
・Proper driving posture
・Proper safety check and signaling
・Proper right turn and left turn, changing lanes
・Driving following the Japanese rule of the road
・Actual test route


Practice location

                  Osaka Kadoma driver’s license test center test circuit

Lesson fees

2 lessons x  1day                   ¥21,500 (tax exclusive)

●Visiting service charge    ¥5,000 / Day (tax exclusive)
●Practice circuit usage fee is not included in the lesson fee. Please make the payment for it at the administration office on the day of the lesson.
●Practice circuit usage charge : 3,000 yen per lesson
●Including driving circuit appointment charge.
●1 lesson =  50 minutes 
●10-minute break is needed per 50 minutes.

Application steps

1. Send an email to JYC driving school.
Let us know the followings.
●Valid foreign driver’s license you have
●Preferred lesson date
●Date of the test (if it’s already scheduled)
●Full name and address of a person who are trying to take the test
Note: Booking starts one month before and slots tend to be booked fully immediately. We recommend you contact us at least 5 weeks in advance.

2. Arrange the lesson day and time . JYC staff contacts Osaka license center to confirm the availability of the test circuit and book.

3. Make the payment
Click here to check the payment method.

4. Confirmation
We will send a confirmation of the lesson detail after the payment is

5. Day of the lesson

Flowchart of a lesson day

●Glasses or contact lenses (If you need)

●Only light sunglasses are allowed if you need to wear
Suitable footwear for driving (Refer sample pictures)

1.Meet up with JYC instructor at Osaka Kadoma license center.

2.Sign agreement form of the lesson
(First time only)

Click here to see an agreement form sample
(We will send a sample of agreement form. Please go over it before making the payment.) 

3. Start the in-car lesson
(50 minutes ×2 in an actual test circuit/ 10-minute break is needed per lesson )

4. End of lesson

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